How to find inspiration for a unique engagement ring


3 ways to pick the perfect unique wedding ring

Planning your big day comes with a lot of hefty choices. And even though you will carry around the memories of that day for the rest of your life, there is one thing that you will physically have with you every day, from your wedding till death do you part. I am talking about your wedding ring. It may seem a small item, but finding the perfect unique wedding ring can be a daunting task. So here are 3 important things for you to bear in mind.

Make it personal

From the day of your wedding till the end of your days, you will see your wedding ring shining around your finger. It will serve as a reminder of both your wedding day and your love. The basic wedding band is simple and probably gold; but there really are a ton of options to personalize this basic concept nowadays!

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Take an evening – or couple of evenings – to think about what kind of ring the both of you want. Maybe you’ve always had this dream image about what a wedding ring should look like; now is the time to discuss those ideas. Even if your budget isn’t the size of a limo, there are still plenty of ways to create a personal unique wedding ring.

Make it lasting

You will see your ring for a great many days to come, therefore you still want to love your ring in 20 years or so. When looking for the perfect wedding ring, you want to look for a timeless design. Maybe you are completely into Star Wars now, but will you still be in 20 years? It’s great to incorporate your unique, quirky hobby’s into your wedding day. But for your wedding band, it might be wiser to opt for something a bit more subtle.

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Another thing is that the ring should be comfortable for everyday wearing. Be careful with too many bells and whistles, with wedding rings less is more, because you want to wear it daily and you want to love it for the rest of your life.

The perfect unique wedding ring: 3 tips for finding it

Make it something for the both of you

Your wedding ring symbolizes your love, therefore it’s nice to have a matching pair. Yet this doesn’t mean that they should be exactly the same though. The two of you are not the same either, right? But you do match!

There are plenty of ways to match your rings, but still have them fit your own personal style. Having you and your loved one’s ring in the same color is an easy way to match. You could vary in style, pattern and size, if the color is identical you can still see the bands belong together.

Think outside the box for a unique wedding ring

Another cute idea is to add something special to make it an extra unique wedding ring. Engrave a symbol that’s special for your relationship in the inside of the outside of the ring. Think outside the box (i.e. your names and wedding date). What about that special flower he gave her on the first date? Or some notes from your favorite song? Make it special, make it you!

The journey to finding the perfect unique wedding ring is one you have to take together. Talk, listen and decide something that you will love now and forever!

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