How to find inspiration for a unique engagement ring


Design custom personalized rings to include the whole family into the wedding

The traditional timeline would me: marriage, moving in together, getting kids. The 2.0 version of that is: moving in together, getting married and becoming parents. Nowadays there are millions of valid reasons for the timeline to get mixed up. Some steps might even be skipped all together.

When you get married after you have kids, the marriage isn’t just for the two of you. It’s a memorable day in which you tie your whole family together. There are several ways in which you can include everyone in your special day. But a truly unique idea is to design custom personalized rings to include the whole clan. Here are 3 tips to get you started!

Family ring with gems

Many wedding rings have diamonds or gems, just because they are graceful and timeless. If you design your own custom wedding ring you have the option to make those gems actually symbolize your family. There are tons of websites out there that help you to design and create your own ring.

A cute idea might be to add gems in different colors, each symbolizing a different family member. If your little boy is very outdoorsy, you could add a green gem to the ring. And pink one for your little princess!

Make custom personalized rings yourself

What better way to make your wedding ring symbolize your whole family, than to make it with your family! Book a workshop and make your own rings, with your own bare hands. Obviously you can’t let your kid use a torch and a hammer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include them in the whole process. You’ll have to think about a general design before going down to the workshop.

Browse through magazines for inspiration together, let the kids point out what they’ll love and come up with a design that reflects the whole family. Make the actual workshop a day out for everyone! Don’t forget to bring some distraction for the little ones, cause fabricating the rings will take a couple of hours.

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Add profiles of all your loved ones

The third unique way to include the whole family in a ring is to actually take up their faces in the ring. And guess what.. You came to the exact right place.. You can add up to 6 profiles of your loved ones into our rings.

Looking at it from one angle will show the cute, little tip-tilted nose of your son. Another angle displays the caring face of your daughter. Turning the ring will show your the profile of your wife to be. Jwlzz is a unique and innovating way to create jewelry that matches you, your family and your life completely.

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Marriage isn’t always just tying the knot between two people, sometimes it’s binding a whole family together. Unique and personal jewelry is an outstanding way to show you just did that!

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