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Everything you have always wanted to know about eternity rings

Maybe you have heard about eternity rings, they sound intriguing right? But what is the meaning of an eternity ring and how do you wear them? We will explain everything and have even added in a little bonus on how to make your anniversary extra special with one of these rings.

What does an eternity ring look like?

This is easiest answered with a picture:

What is an eternity ring?

An eternity ring is a ring set with diamonds, or other stones, all around.

What’s the difference between an eternity ring and a half eternity ring?

Even though it may sound kind of odd to have a ‘half eternity ring’, there are some good reasons to choose those over the full ones. A half eternity ring has only the upper side of the ring covered in sparkling stones. Since the diamonds don’t go all the way around, you can place bigger diamonds and still have it comfortable to wear. That’s another thing, half eternity rings are slightly more comfortable to wear, but a good goldsmith will make a full eternity ring comfortable as well.

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What is the meaning of an eternity ring?

Rings in themselves are already powerful symbols. You probably have a few around your fingers as we speak. A wedding ring, an engagement ring and maybe even family heirlooms are worn daily around your fingers. Adding an eternity ring to it might make all those memory loaded rings even more powerful. An eternity ring is set with gems all around, each gem stands for something special. These could be important dates or important persons for instance. If you have each gem symbolize someone from your family, the ring symbolizes the eternity of your family through generations.

How should you wear an eternity ring?

There is no rule on how and on which hand to wear an eternity ring. Since the ring will be covered in precious stones, wearing it on your non-dominant hand could ensure it stays beautiful longer and avoids it being in the way of your daily activities. Another option is to wear it on the same finger as another ring, enforcing the symbolism of eternity with that other ring. Wearing it together with your wedding ring, and maybe even your engagement ring, enforces the eternity of your love. If you wear the wedding rings of (one of) your deceased parents, combining these with an eternity ring will enforce the eternal love of your family.

Eternity ring: Everything you've always wanted to know explained

How to celebrate your anniversary with an unique eternity ring?

Traditionally eternity rings were a gift from a man to his wife on their diamond anniversary (60 years!). Even tough we’d like to take a moment to admire all the couples that reach this amazing threshold, it doesn’t mean you can’t buy an eternity ring before your 60th anniversary.

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Any anniversary can be the occasion to give your loved one one of these beauties. Do keep in mind that full eternity rings can’t be sized later on. Be very sure of your wife’s ring size or, surprise her by taking her to a jewelry store and have the ring custom made just for her. What could be more romantic on your anniversary?

Eternity rings are both strong symbols and extremely gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Celebrating your anniversary with one will surely make for a spectacular day.

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