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How to create heartwarming family jewelry designs to celebrate your anniversary

Congratulations on your anniversary! Celebrating your anniversary is something special every year. You celebrate your love, your life and everything you’ve accomplished together. Even if you’ve had a year that categorized as ‘for worse’, we believe that it is still important to celebrate your love for each other. You can buy a box of chocolates or have flowers delivered, but giving jewelry is the most classy way to celebrate.

With authentic family jewelry designs you can include your whole family in the celebrations. These tips will help you get started!

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What type of jewelry will you pick?

Do you want a necklace, a bracelet or a ring? Every kind of jewelry can be used for a personalized family jewelry design. Bracelets for instance offer a ton of options. With a charm bracelet you can add a charm for every part of the family and you can easily add a new charm to the bracelet if a new recruit is born. Another advantage of bracelets is that you can have them made for your kids as well.

Necklaces are another classy way to show the love for your family in unique way. And finally there are rings. Specially designed family rings can also easily be worn by every member of the family. They sure will make for a great anniversary gift.

How to create heartwarming family jewelry designs to celebrate your anniversary

What material will your choose?

The material you choose for your family jewelry design determines the style, durability and price of your piece. If you have the jewelry made for your kids as well, it might be good idea to choose a less expensive material for them.

As you probably know, different anniversaries are named after different metals. The 6th is iron, 7 years of marriage means copper, 8 bronze and 10 steel. But who says you should keep it traditional for your jewelry? Gold is for all anniversaries!

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How will you include everyone?

There are several ways in which you can include your family members in your jewelry designs. An obvious option is to use their names, but a more subtle way might be to choose symbols to represent everyone’s unique personality. This works really well for charm bracelets and also for necklaces.

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Multiple face profile outlines in just one ring

Designing your own unique rings with jwlzz allows you to add multiple face profiles to a ring. Whatever option you choose, be sure to include everyone that’s important to you in your family jewelry design. Even if your family is blended or divided, you all belong together!

Family jewelry designs

So, a lot of different ways to keep your family close and involve them into the celebrations with family jewelry designs. Pick something that suits your own little tribe!

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