How to find inspiration for a unique engagement ring

Once you decided you are going to pop THE question, it’s time to start planning. When will you ask it? On holiday? Or are you going to plan a dinner? No pressure, but there sure are some breathtaking wedding proposals online. Besides the when, where and how, there’s another really, really, really important detail you do not won’t to forget about: A unique engagement ring. Imagine yourself on one knee, opening that cute little box and the look on your lover’s face when she/he sees the ring. To make sure you won’t drown in the ocean of inspiration that’s called the internet, here are a few tips to get you started!


“What, you are really telling me to google for inspiration for the most perfect, personal engagement ring? I could have thought of that myself!” No wait, there’s more, there are some tips and tricks to google like a pro. You’ll get thousands of results if you look for ‘prettiest / personal / breathtaking / unique engagement ring’, so you should narrow down your search.

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To do that, you first have to think about your loved one. That shouldn’t be too hard right? What makes your flame so special? Is there a unique hobby? A country your fiancé-to-be just loves? Add his or her favorite color, movie, music style or symbol to your google search and get inspired by everything that comes up.


Instagram is clever, it will notice what kind of hashtags you use and when you double tap. In your suggestion page pictures will pop up that will be catered to your likes. It might be fun to start a new Instagram-account just for engagement and wedding inspiration and teach the algorithm what you love! Start be following some wedding related accounts and double tapping whatever you like. And if you like, you can use this special account to document your own wedding journey. And one more tip, create your own hashtag for all your guests to use on the big day. This is a fun way for you and your guests to find all the snapshots everyone has taken.

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Everyone who got married before Pinterest should get another shot at it, for free. Pinterest is your go-to digital pin board full of ideas. Make an engagement ring board and start pinning. Just as in the ‘google-tip’ you will get tons of results if you just search for ‘unique engagement ring’. Pinterest will come up with suggestions on how to narrow down your search. You can also narrow down the search yourself by adding unique and personal keywords. Be ready to be amazed by everything Pinterest has to offer! When you’ve found one pin you like, why don’t you check out the whole board to see if there’s more that peaks your interest. Pro-tip: Install the Pinterest add-on and pin everything you love online with just one click.

How to find inspiration for a unique engagement ring

Don’t drown in all the wedding inspo online, but use your everything that makes your loved one special as a compass in your search and follow your heart. You’ll probably know it when you’ve find the perfect engagement ring, just like you did when you saw your heartthrob!

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