Capture memories: be astonished by these heartwarming ideas


Looking for personalized family rings to keep your memories close?

Your family is everything. Over the years you have been through many ups and downs together, but every down has be turned into an up because you worked on them together. What better way to commemorate and reinforce your family bond by making a personalized family ring? And don’t worry, ordering and designing one is completely foolproof.

Why a ring?

There are several kinds of jewelry that you can customize into personalized pieces, but rings have something special to them. Rings are easy to wear, always in sight and wearable by both men and women. A ring doesn’t have to match your outfit like for instance a necklace and you can leave them at night. But what I personally love the most about rings, is that I always see them. Necklaces and earrings are seen be other people, but I only see them when looking in the mirror. I see my hands a lot during the day. Every time I see my rings I am reminded of heartwarming memories attached to them.

How to include everyone in personalized family ring?

Your family probably has grown quite a bit over the years. Where you started out with the two of you and expanded with children of the years, now you might even have grandchildren and some bonus families might be included. In our personalized family rings you can add up to six face profiles of your loved ones to one ring. Those might be all your grandkids, your partner and your children.

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Looking for personalized family rings to keep your memories close?

Design a ring for whoever you want!

Because of our innovating crafting process it’s possible to have more than one ring made with the same face profiles. But this doesn’t mean you get an exact duplicate, because your husbands ring obviously won’t fit you. It’s easy to order multiple rings with the same face profiles, but in a different size, width or even a different color of gold! You can also remove or change just one or more face profiles. Like this you can easily order rings for all the grown-ups in your family, without giving anyone a ring with their own face in it. Is there a more special way can you think of to celebrate a magical day like your anniversary?

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Easy designing and ordering

We understand that ordering personalized items like this online can be scary. What if you press a wrong button? You don’t want to end up sending your personalized ring to someone in Thailand. Don’t worry, we made the process as easy and clear as possible. You get your own personal customer interface where al your choices are kept save. There is no need to ask your children for help, because that would ruin the surprise!

If you are looking for a unique way to include all your loved ones into personalized family ring, you have come to the right place. At jwlzz we want to ensure your design is unique, personal and reminds you of everyone that’s important to you every time you look at it.

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