Capture memories: be astonished by these heartwarming ideas


The most mesmerizing ways to capture memories

Time flies and the best advice to cope with that fact, is to simply fly along. Because let’s be honest: one day you are cheering your babies on because they use the potty for the first time, the next day you are celebrating their 18th birthday and packing their bags for college. In between you will make tons of memories and fill a lot of photo albums with snapshots from all the special days you encounter together. But there are more ways to capture memories of your valuable time together as a family. That’s why we went on an online hunt to show you the best ways to capture memories.

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Don’t throw your memories away, turn them into art

Throwing things away is hard, because lots of items have memories attached to them. Throwing away worn-out shoes that don’t fit your little girl anymore might not be such a problem, if it weren’t the shoes she made her first steps in. Keeping all those memory loaded items in boxes in the attic isn’t the solution either, it takes up space and you’ll probably never look at them. This is where shadow boxes come in! It’s easy to create your own shadow box and it’s a lovely way to keep all your memories in sight. Get inspired by these beautiful little works of art loaded with heartwarming memories.

Baby’s shadow box

Decorate the background of your baby’s shadow box with paper or fabric in the same theme as your birth card or nursery room. Than just pin every little keepsake of your baby into the box with sewing pins.

Capture memories: be astonished by these heartwarming ideas

Shoe shadow box

I am fascinated by baby feet, they are so unbelievably tiny! That’s why I adored the idea to keep track of their growing feet by creating a shadow box with all the shoes your little one has outgrown.

Capture memories: be astonished by these heartwarming ideas

Toy shadow box

Your kid might not be interested in his old toys, but for you throwing them away is hard! Put their favorite ones in a shadow box and turn it into a piece of memory loaded art.

Capture memories: be astonished by these heartwarming ideas

Be creative with pictures

We all know pictures are a perfect way to capture memories. You’ve probably got albums full of them, but be honest: how often do you look at them? With these creative ideas to make and store pictures, you will surely have your heart filled with joy every time you look at them.

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Monthly baby pictures

We all know the pregnancy progression pictures, but how cute is it to keep doing that after your baby is born. Holding them in front of your belly for reference will show you the immense growth they’ve been through.

Capture memories: be astonished by these heartwarming ideas

Picture lettering

Just glue tons of pictures on cardboard letters that form your baby’s name. This is a great way to incorperate lots of pictures in one display.

Travel log

If you love to travel you’ll know that you’ll create the most vibrant memories on your holidays. Turn your favorite holiday snapshots into a piece of art by pinpointing them on a map.

Capture memories: be astonished by these heartwarming ideas

Don’t just store your memories in your head or in a box; keep them insight. Think back about all the wonderful things that you’ve done as family every time you look at your unique pieces of memory art!

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