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Giving a unique and custom mom ring: 3 expert tips

Think about it, your mother is probably the most important person in your life. From even before you were born she did everything in her power to give you everything you ever needed. Without a shadow of a doubt she has always sacrificed herself for you. Now it’s time to do something back for the most powerful woman in your life. Giving her a unique and custom mom ring is a wonderful way to show her just how must she means to you.

What is the meaning of mom jewelry?

Mom jewelry is actually quite a new thing. The concept originates from a jeweler in 1959 who was looking for the perfect gift for his wife for Mother’s Day. He came up with the idea to put two wedding bands together and combine them with the birthstones of their children. This was the start of mom jewelry that is still given to mothers all over the world to represent the close bond between a mother and her family. A unique piece of mom jewelry represents the whole family, living, departed or on the way. Mom jewelry can be made from all kinds of jewelry, but rings are most popular. Our jewelry experts share their 3 most important tips for buying a unique and custom mom ring.

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Find the right occasion

Mother’s Day is a classic choice and still a popular day to give mom jewelry. Other days are possible as well. For instance Christmas, her birthday, the birthday of one of the kids, a wedding anniversary or any other day with special meaning. Whatever date you pick, be sure to keep in mind the delivery times of custom made jewelry. The jewelry is made just for you, so that might take some time.

Life doesn't come with a manual,it comes with a mother

Go for a unique and custom mom ring

Don’t settle for less. The power of mom jewelry lies in how it represents her unique family. Just any ordinary ring won’t do that justice. Custom made rings are a reflection of your authenticity. There are many online and offline options available to have a unique and custom mom ring made. Spend some time browsing around, looking for something that truly fits you. Whatever you decide upon, make it something special and unique.

Get the size right

Getting the size right is always important when giving a ring, but even more so when you have the it custom made. Mom rings have several elements added to them to symbolize the whole family, changing the size later on will diminish the design. In some cases resizing of custom made jewelry is not even possible at all.

First you decide on which finger and which hand the ring will be worn. There are no specific rules on which finger a mom ring should be worn, though wearing it alone on a finger is recommended. Most people wear a mom ring around their ring finger or a finger adjacent to the wedding ring.

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Mom rings are the perfect way to honor your mother or the mother of your children. How do you let your mother know how important she is?

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